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News for September 2018

Fraud Committed by the Criminal Justice System of NZ

Posted on Sunday 16th September 2018

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Corruption at the highest level of the police, the courts, the prison system and the appeal court process. A young Maori man was asleep in his house after a night out hunting for wild pork. The police bungled a surveillance operation, then ordered the armed offender squad to go in with a F61 shoot to kill order which culminated Rhys Warren serving a life sentence with preventative detention. The Incident happened on Maori land, in a papakainga. Police had no right or authority to invade Maori land let alone call the armed offenders and the military. It was a bungled operation that was covered up at the highest level by police. It was sanctioned by the court system and the judge and now the appeal court system is endeavouring to concoct story that he is insane. Read More on the links page.