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Posted on Friday 10th May 2019

Protect Ihumatao

Fletcher Building , in collaboration with members of Ngati Whatua and in particular Maunga Whakahi executives, Naida Glavich and Margaret Kawharu and New Zealand Heritage Trust, are preparing a 480-high density housing development in Ihumatao on confiscated land adjacent to the Otuatua Stonefields History Reserve (our Stonehenge). With insufficient infrastructure and amenities, the high-priced houses will not serve the homeless or needy.
SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape) is a mana-whenua led, community- driven campaign group working to protect what little land is left in Ihumatao.As kaitiaki (guardians) we have a responsibility to ensure the protection of Wahi Tapu (sacred burial grounds and historical sites), the Otuatua Stonefields Historic Reserve, lava caves that we used to bury our ancestors, our river, harbour and wider Ihumatao area. After everything Ihumatao has already suffered, it is still “UNDER DIRE THREAT”.

Instead, this modern day colonization threatens the existing Papakainga (tribal dwelling areas) threatens the Wahi Tapu sites that are part of the continuous landscape of Otuatua, threatens unique plant, lizard and bird life species, threatens the health of the local waterways and threatens the opportunity for the space to be protected and celebrated by all, for generations to come. This is an impassioned plea for all of our remaining lands, historical sites, and also the return of other confiscated lands. This land belongs to Ihumatao and we are requesting all international assistance so this, ongoing theft and confiscation must stop, NOW.

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