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News for November 2020


Posted on Tuesday 17th November 2020


The justice department in Aotearoa are complicit as primarily they are a court of fiction under pakeha lore. They have no right, rhyme or reason to adjudicate over Tangata Whenua issues of law. Crown Sovereign Hapu Te Tauwhakamarutewehi: His Excellency Rangatira: Herbert of Arakuku Whanau Hapu who belongs to the Rerekura Whanau, was thrown out of his house on Friday, November 13th 2020.

In particular, South Taranaki district council are committing FRAUD by mixing private business in Taranaki Savings Bank with the public by demanding rate payments. Taranaki District Council have created a conflict of interest between them as a public entity and getting involved with the private mortgage of Rangatira: Herbert of Arakuku Whanau Hapu in Taranaki Savings Bank. Taranaki Savings Bank are condoning the FRAUD in helping them to perpetrate the fraud within the bank. In addition, South Taranaki District Council are committing FRAUD over Ancestral Tangata Whenua land.

So, this leads us to ask the question, how was 4.5 million acres of land, stolen or confiscated in Taranaki alone..?

Tangata Whenua are being victimised and we sight the property of Rangatira: Bill Green in Manaia who owned two (2) properties. Again, the Taranaki District Council imposed their laws of fiction over the land and the police moved in and stole both houses. Rangatira: Bill Green was a very sick man and was on dialysis at home. The police carried him out of his house whilst he was dialyzing. The police emptied the contents of Rangatira: Bill Green’s homes into rubbish skips and everything was taken to the dump. Sadly, Rangatira: Bill Green has passed away.

Friday, November13th Rangatira: Herbert of Arakuku Whanau Hapu who belongs to the Rerekura Whanau was forcibly moved out of his home and many years of his life possessions had also been removed and packed into containers by the police. Food from his cupboards and freezers were tossed into the rubbish. All 3 homes on the property were emptied by police.

The servant settler government, South Taranaki District Council, Police, Bailiffs and the Taranaki Savings Bank, including local land agents whom have been attempting to sell: Rangatira: Herbert of Arakuku Whanau Hapu’s property for the last three (3) years using the color of law, are all complicit in the FRAUD.

Taranaki people need to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time you all knew that you are on stolen land. Taranaki District Council, Taranaki Saving Bank and the servant settler government are endeavoring to hold the moral high ground using the contrivances of law. FRAUD IS FRAUD whether committed in the 1800’s, 1900’s or 2020. YOU ARE ALL ON LAND STOLEN FROM TANGATA WHENUA. Tangata Whenua realise there is no justice in New Zealand because we know it’s a court of fiction. How can you steal land continuously over 185 years to date and sleep well at night..?

HOW DO THEY DO IT? they set up corporations, trust boards and illegal conveyancing entities over the land titles which have been illegally placed upon the land and still are today. They also set up many servant settler government departments to spread the load and because they own the media, they control the narrative and as a result, they all sleep well at night.

The system here in New Zealand is not legal, but they have made it lawful, WHY IS THAT? (BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE SOVEREIGNTY). They have illegally placed land titles over the land like a table cloth, they own the table cloth but they do not own the land. Biblical law is a basis of all law all over the world, because they are not a legitimate entity. They are not a legal government; they can only make acts and not law. They are all actors acting out the act. The word “USUCAPION” is a Latin term for FIRST SETTLERS who hold all SOVEREIGN RIGHTS. The servant settler government of New Zealand are endeavouring to commit FRAUD on the Tangata Whenua people by suckering Tangata Whenua into signing treaty claims. They are not a treaty partner; they are merely servants of the Queen of England who have USURP their servant role. They have stolen the mandate and power of attorney of “Queen Elizabeth II of England, who is the Legally Constituted Head of State and the Queen of New Zealand”. They are a for-profit corporation masquerading as a government.

In their treaty claims they are not interested in the suffering, theft of land, abuse of our woman. Ordering in their soldiers to rape our women, to change the bloodlines after incarcerating all the men and shipping them to the South Island and the Chatham’s.

They are registered in New York as corporations: Those corporations are;

Her Majesty Queen in Right of New Zealand; The Crown in Right of New Zealand; The Arms in Right of New Zealand; The Sovereign in Right of New Zealand; The Monarch in Right of New Zealand. They are only a for-profit corporation masquerading as a government. The police are also a corporation as is the justice system. They are endeavouring to change the name of New Zealand to Aotearoa so they can steal the real assets of Aotearoa.

As Joe Bloggs ordinary citizens they took the Queen off the Coat of Arms and put a Grace Kelly look alike in her place. They dared to claim equality with the Rangatira of these sacred lands.

The question of Rangatira: Herbert of Arakuku Whanau Hapu who belongs to Rerekura Whanau is about jurisdiction. Even today the real flag of New Zealand is” Te Kara”, it is a flag of trade under Tangata Whenua Sovereignty which goes back to 28th October 1835. When the servant settler government raised and lowered the counterfeit flag, they immediately raised the New Zealand yachting club flag, that was when the fraud began.

Today we have a servant settler government which is committing unbelievable levels of FRAUD, not only on all Tangata Whenua but on all New Zealanders. Te Tiriti O Waitangi ended in 2005. The only people standing on Te Tiriti O Waitangi today are Tangata Whenua. The Queen has been deleted from Te Tiriti O Waitangi by virtue of her servant government who again usurp their servant role. Wake up New Zealand, wake up Tangata Whenua-Maori and smell the coffee.


The Chief Administrator