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Posted on Saturday 3rd October 2020

Herbert Rerekura, a Rangatira (Chief) of Arakuku Hapu, whakapapa back to Mana Hauhau who in total lost 4.5million acres of land through confiscation. All New Zealanders need to know that the “government” are a criminal organisation and they are a for-profit corporation masquerading as the government. They confiscated and stole the 4.5million acres of land and they are stealing the resources from within the Land, Sea and Forest. All the resources from the land, sea and forest belong to Maori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Te Tiriti O Waitangi). What they are doing are pulling out the resources, sending them to Australia and declaring them as Australian goods because they can-not declare them in New Zealand, as they would all belong to Maori. The servant government is not a treaty partner never was a treaty partner and never can be a treaty partner because they did not exist at the time the treaty Te Tiriti O Waitangi was signed. The entire treaty claim process is a fraud, they are not paying for treaty claims or injustice they are only buying the sovereignty of Maori BY FRAUD. Taranaki Savings Bank has entered the fray, they are endeavouring to seize the ancestral land of Rangtira Herbert Rerekura.

This is where the plot thickens, and the South Taranaki District Council is involved through the illegal charging of rates. Unfortunately, rates cannot be placed upon Maori because it is an imposition of pakeha lore. Which also brings in the underline legality of Maori law and all New Zealanders need to know that the real law of New Zealand is tikanga Maori. So common law is Tikanga Maori.

Even the flag of New Zealand is just a yachting club flag from Wellington, the real flag of New Zealand is He Wakaputanga flag that was gazetted into law 28th October 1835 and given a 21 gun salute at Waitangi from the HMS Alligator. That flag is the white flag with the red St George cross and in the top left quadrant it has the 2nd St George cross with the four eight pointed stars around the small cross and the black fimbriation on each inside corner of the small cross. The black fimbriation speaks of the magna carta which was enacted in 1215 after the then King John of England bequeathed all the assets of the British empire to the Vatican in 1213, the magna carta was brought out to counter what King John did in his act penitence. This was to declare that British law could not penetrate any sovereign country and in this case Aotearoa. And as long as Rangatira Herbert Rerekura is flying that flag, which is a trading flag, it gives the right to Maori to trade under that flag.

The Taranaki Savings Bank have become the police for the local South Taranaki District Council, the Taranaki Savings Bank has some secret document or an agreement with the South Taranaki District council to enforce the payment of rates.

Not only that but the Taranaki Savings Bank are committing fraud over their mortgage facility, the bank had no money to lend, the money was created by the signature of the Rangatira Herbert Rerekura, when he signed the document the money was created, a number of subsequent documents were then created, where a loan facility was activated. A chain of documents was enacted at the same time and the loan was bought and sold and bought and sold many times over. The bank was immediately paid, and the debt was on sold and paid then on sold many times over, this is what is called the “derivative market.” Meanwhile Rangatira Herebert Rerekura is being made to pay the original debt, when in fact there is no debt, it is part of the fiction of this system.

To make matters more interesting a few days ago a bailiff arrived with police, the bailiff who is not a policeman, was wearing a police coat/jacket and tried to serve eviction papers on Rangatira Herbert Rerekura. The entire exercise of fraud was an affront to Rangatira Herbert Rerekura, he immediately marched them off the property and told them to take their papers with them, the police were embarrass with the bailiff endeavouring to pass himself off as a government official. Read all the other following transcripts which outlines the fraudulent activity of all the above-mentioned organisations, so come on everyone “Wakeup’ and Smell the Coffee!”.

Are Sovereign Maori obliged to pay rates to the local governments?

Posted on Saturday 3rd October 2020

Rangatira Chief Herbert Rerekura has been battling with the South Taranaki District Council (local government) since the 5th of July 2016 when he stood his ground to stop paying his rates after realising he has sovereign claim over his whenua (land).

After many numerous letters exchanged to and fro from the council and TSB bank, Rangatira Herbert Rerekura sought help from Barrister Barney Tupara whom submitted a report to the Waitangi Tribunal on the 8th of September 2017. The report shows through the Te Tiriti O Waitangi.

Section article 2, Ko Te Tuarua

Section Turangawaewae,

Section Papakainga,

Section Sovereignty,

Section Independence

Section Tino Rangatiratanga

Through all these factors Tangata Whenua O Aotearoa do not need to pay rates to the local government (councils) throughout the country.

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